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About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2021, Ciara Lox Beauty Boutique ​emerged from a profound aspiration to offer the ​community exceptional services in Loc ​Maintenance, Loc Extensions, Loc Bridal and Natural ​Haircare for all hair textures.

The Boutique serves as a serene sanctuary where ​you can unwind, and experience the expertise of our ​stylists to elevate your appearance without ​straining your budget.

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Our Mission

At Ciara Lox Beauty, our mission is to assist you in making ​haircare decisions that prioritize health while enhancing your ​natural beauty. We strive to achieve this by offering the finest ​products, applying them skillfully based on your unique needs, ​and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for your ​comfort.

We continuously strive to deliver outstanding service at ​affordable prices, as we deeply value the trust of our ​customers and aim to establish enduring relationships. Ciara ​Lox Beauty is the ideal destination for you.

Ciara Lox Beauty provides an extensive range of services and ​products. Whether you're seeking top-notch hair care ​products like our latest Healthy Scalp Lemongrass Elixir, ​premium Crochet Hair, Loc maintenance, hair coloring, scalp ​treatments, and more, we have a comprehensive selection to ​cater to your needs.

Our passion ensures a seamless process for booking ​appointments online so that we can assist you anytime.

Be sure to get in touch with us, and we sincerely appreciate ​your visit to Ciara Lox Beauty!

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Hello, I am Ciara!

Meet Your Stylist

Hello there! I'm Ciara Wallace, the proud founder of Ciara ​Lox Beauty. As an Entrepreneur, Licensed Cosmetologist, ​and Master Loctician with over 14 years of expertise, I ​specialize in celebrating the beauty of Locs and Natural ​Hair. My dedication is to empower clients by enhancing ​their natural beauty, ensuring each person feels confident ​and radiant. Whether it's creating stunning bridal styles, ​flawless loc extensions, or refreshing retwists, I'm here to ​bring your hair dreams to life. Join me on the journey of ​embracing your natural beauty with Ciara Lox Beauty!



The Magic of Blowouts, Crochet, Loc Retwists, ​Loc Updos, Vivid Loc Colors and Flawless Looks!

My Services

Make Your Life EasIer

Let's work together to make your hair dreams come true.



DEEP CONDITIONING HAIR MASK (Moisturizing Treatment)

THE LOX SERENITY CLEANSE (Scalp Cleanse/Dandruff treatment)





Silk Press ​Services

Step into the realm of luxury with our Silk Press ​Service. Crafted for sleek and radiant results, we ​use elite products and methods to gift your hair that ​flawless finish. Your sophisticated hair ​transformation begins here.


  • Premium Shampoo & Conditioning Service
  • Blow Dry Service
  • Silk Press Technique with Flatiron
  • Customization of the style as per individual ​preferences.
  • Tracking / Single Track Sewin Add on $25+



Natural Hair


Embrace the innate elegance of your curls with our ​Natural Hair Style Services. Dedicated to highlighting ​the beauty and diversity of natural textures. From ​simple chic to intricate designs, we ensure your ​hair's natural charm takes center stage. Join us and ​let your hair's true character shine.


  • Premium Shampoo & Conditioning Service
  • Blow Dry or Wet Styling Service
  • Customization of the style as per individual ​preferences



Crochet​ Hair Ser​vices

The Crochet Hair Services are catered to clients ​seeking a temporary protective style that offers ​versatility. Crochet hair is not included. Crochet hair ​is available for purchase.


  • Premium Shampoo & Conditioning Service
  • Blow Dry & Braid Down Service
  • Crochet Installation
  • Customization of the style as per individual ​preferences



Natural or Loc’d ​Kid Services

OurNatural or Loc’d Kid Services cater to the unique ​needs and busy lives of our younger clients. We ​offer gentle shampooing, conditioning, styling, and ​drying to keep their natural hair or locs neat, healthy, ​and stylish. This service is perfect for school, special ​events, or everyday care. Making hair care easy and ​fun for kids up to age 14.


  • Premium Shampoo & Conditioning Service
  • Blow dry service (If Applicable)
  • Retwist or Style of Choice
  • Dryer Time
  • Loc Accessories Add on $5+



Starter loc


Dive into the adventure of easy-going hair with our ​Starter Loc Services. Catering to both men and ​women, we meticulously twist and sculpt your hair, ​setting the foundation for stunning locs to flourish. ​Embark on your unique journey towards effortless ​elegance and secure your spot with us today. Please ​note, a consultation is required.


  • Premium Shampoo & Conditioning Service
  • Loc Foundation of Choice installed with Coils or ​2-Strand twist
  • Protective Style of Choice & Dryer Time
  • For all ages



Loc Retwist

&​ S​tyle

One of our highly sought-after offerings, the Loc ​Retwist & Style service is an ideal choice for ​individuals with a hectic schedule, whether you're a ​busy professional or a student, aiming to maintain a ​timeless and polished look.


  • Premium Shampoo & Conditioning Service
  • Loc Retwist & Style of Choice
  • Dryer Time
  • Loc Accessories Add on $5+
  • Loc Repairs (2-5) Add on $45+
  • Loc repairs (6-10) Add on $90+



Loc Color ​Servi​ces

Our Vivid Fashion Color service is designed for ​clients who wish to elevate their loc retwist by ​incorporating expressive colors that reflect their ​emotions, all while maintaining the hair's integrity. ​Prior to booking, a consultation is required for this ​service.


  • Custom Color Application
  • Premium Shampoo & Conditioning Service
  • Loc Retwist & Style of Choice
  • Dryer Time
  • For double process color with Lightening & Toning ​$350+



instant Locs


Transform your hair with our Instant Locs Service. ​Ideal for clients seeking beautiful, uniform locs that ​look natural from day one, our technique instantly ​forms mature locs, saving you months of waiting. ​Perfect for those wanting a quick, seamless ​transition to a locked hairstyle. A consultation is ​required before this service to assess your hair type, ​length, and desired look.


  • Premium Shampoo & Conditioning Service
  • Installation of Instant Locs
  • Style of Choice
  • Aftercare Kit



Loc ​Extensions​

Our Loc Extension services are designed for clients ​who wish to embark on their loc journey without ​enduring the awkward in-between stage. We utilize ​the Nappstar Method and Products for Loc ​Extension installation, offering a diverse range of ​human and synthetic options to choose from. A ​consultation is required two weeks prior to booking ​this service to ensure the best results and to have ​the desired loc extensions on hand.


  • Premium Shampoo & Conditioning Service
  • Installation of Loc Extensions
  • Style of Choice
  • Aftercare Kit



Booking Deposit Notice

Please note that a $25 deposit is required to secure your online booking at ​Ciara Lox Beauty, specializing in loc and natural hair care services. This ​deposit will be applied towards the total cost of your service. Thank you for ​your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to enhancing your ​natural beauty soon!


Make Your Work EasIer

Booking with me isn't just a ​transaction, it's a partnership. I ​believe in an open collaboration, ​good communication and ​overall a ​great experience together.

I use only the best quality ​products from well known ​brands ​to ensure perfect results for all ​my ​customers.

Ask Me About Loc Extensions!



Bridal Services

Welcome to the Bridal Suite at Ciara Lox Beauty – where your wedding day ​dreams become a stunning reality. Our specialized bridal services are designed ​with love and attention to detail, ensuring that every bride and groom shines ​brightly on their big day.

Bridal Services

Make Your Wedding EasIer

Elevate Your Special Day with Ciara Lox Beauty's

Exclusive Bridal Services

At Ciara Lox Beauty, we understand that your wedding day is more than an event – it's the ​beginning of a beautiful journey. That's why our expert stylists are dedicated to creating ​exquisite loc styles and natural hair masterpieces that reflect your personal flair and the ​essence of your love story.


Bridal ​Consultation

A personalized 45 minute session to discuss your ​vision, your wedding, and your unique style. Our Lox ​Bridal Consultation focuses on the beauty of locs ​and natural hair. Sit with our expert stylists to ​discuss and design your perfect wedding look, from ​elegant loc cascades to romantic natural updos. We ​ensure your hair complements your bridal glow, ​capturing both elegance and authenticity. You will ​also select amenities for your Wedding Trial or ​Wedding day Services.


Medical consultation


Loc Retwist & ​Wedding Trial

Experience the perfect bridal look with our specialized ​wedding trial at our loc and natural hair salon. Explore ​stunning hairstyles that match your unique beauty and ​wedding vision, from elegant updos to intricate loc styles. ​Test a few styles or just one you love for your BIG DAY!


  • Premium Shampoo & Conditioning Service
  • Loc Retwist Service & Dryer Time
  • Amenities as selected during consultation.
  • Please wear white shirt or top and bring your hair ​adornments (ie. jewlery, veil), and 3 inspo pics of your ​looks.
  • DISCLAIMER: This is for services in the salon. We ​recommend scheduling your trial two to three months ​before the wedding



Loc Retwist & ​Wedding Day ​Style

From elegant updos to sophisticated loc crowns, we craft ​looks that complement your beauty and bridal attire.


  • Premium Shampoo & Conditioning Service
  • Loc Retwist Service & Dryer Time
  • Please bring your hair adornments (ie. jewlery, veil).
  • Amenities as selected during consultation.
  • DISCLAIMER: This is for services in the salon. Email us ​at info@ciaraloxbeauty.com to inquire about onsite ​services.


Why Choose

Ciara Lox Beauty?

Personalized Attention: We believe every bride is unique. Our tailored approach ​ensures your bridal hair perfectly captures your personality and wedding theme.

Expertise in Locs and Natural Hair: Our deep understanding and passion for locs ​and natural hair guarantee breathtaking results that celebrate your natural beauty.

Stress-Free Experience: From the initial consultation to the final touch-ups, we ​provide a serene and joyful journey, allowing you to focus on the magic of your ​wedding day.

Let Ciara Lox Beauty be a part of your love story. Book your bridal consultation ​today and step into a world where beauty knows no bounds. Together, we'll create a ​look that's as unforgettable as your love.

Your Dream Wedding Starts Here

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